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At Fortuna Financial our duty is to you, our client!  We are not influenced by commissions or fees and have no bias towards any one product. This means we are free to choose the most appropriate financial products for you. 

Our experienced advisers provide a wide range of financial services to work closely with you to tailor individual strategies to help you grow and maintain wealth. We will also assist in protecting you against any unforeseen risks that may give rise to financial distress ensuring  that your current and future financial needs are met

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We are pleased to announce that we, at FORTUNA FINANCIAL, have acquired our own Australian credit license.


At what age are you planning to retire? Will you have enough money to live comfortably in your retirement years? Will you qualify for age pension or centre link benefits?


Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF), also known as Do-It-Yourself Superannuation, allows you to take back control of your superannuation fund, allowing you the choice, freedom and flexibility of how your retirement funds ate invested.


You never know what tomorrow is going to bring, but it’s nice to know that if things go pear-shaped, your family and lifestyle is protected.


Why work harder when you can make your money work smarter? If you want to build wealth, reduce debt, and retire early, Fortuna Financial can help you develop a wealth creation strategy to accommodate your short-term needs and long-term goals.


Managing debt can be a complex task. Whether you have debt against your home or an investment, Fortuna Financial can help you take control of your debt.


We are here to assist and prepare people in making the move to residential Aged Care. Our expert team of financial advisers work to protect a client’s assets and develop cashflow strategies for a confident and smooth transition. We will support you, the client, through every step of this new journey and make aged care affordable now and into the future. Let us take worry and stress away.


Our priority is to our clients and to help them grow, strengthen and develop their businesses. We can help you continue to prosper by setting up and executing your short- and long-term goals.

Our Planning process

It’s important to make sure you are comfortable with and that your financial planner has taken the time to understand your needs, goals and objectives before any recommendations are made. Here is what you can expect from our process.


We will make contact with you outlining the roles and responsibilities of both the adviser and the client educating you on the financial planning process to follow. We will establish a meeting time to so we can start the discovery process.



During our initial appointment we step you through a discovery document to allow us to gain an understanding of your true financial needs by establishing your key goals focusing on who and what is most important to you along the journey this process will provide us with valuable insight and a comprehensive Understanding of your needs, goals and objectives. We will collect the information necessary to assess your sustainability to various strategic options by asking a series of questions that allow us to ensure we are fully informed and what you would best like to achieve from your financial plan.

Enabling us to match your objectives to your individual advice needs, in turn, matching these advice needs to relevant strategies to determine the subject matter and scope of the advice to follow.


With a full understanding of your current situation needs, goals that are most important to you and objectives, we are then able to complete further background research as we explore and model the best strategic plan tailored to your current situation.

Here we will develop more than one strategy which will satisfy your specific goals, objectives and advice needs. Once the strategies have been developed a well-researched analysis of a suitable product can occur. This includes comparisons of any current products the client has.


Using the data gathered during the discovery process and meeting we will begin to develop a detailed discussion paper. Where we will reconfirm your needs, goals and objectives providing you with information on all areas, alternative options and solutions. From here your input is paramount as we encourage you to be involved to ensure you understand and are educated on the options being discussed as we can then further tailor the advice, again, to your individual circumstance(s).

Presentation of the Strategy/Statement of Advice
In this meeting we will present to you our Strategic Advice Document (Statement of Advice) which reconfirms your current situation and key goals as we understand them from our initial meeting. This document will act as a roadmap helping to maximise your ability to achieve the goals you have set.

Smart strategic solutions with a focus on providing you with the financial freedom to allow you to achieve your goals along the journey.


After providing us with authority to proceed, a proactive implementation process is essential in ensuring the success of your strategic plan. Working closely with the Fortuna Financial Group team, we will guide you through the process of achieving in a step by step guide as agreed upon within our / your advice document.

Implementation meetings will be arranged to ensure each step is understood by you and the optimal result achieved.


Annual reviews are Essential. They’re needed to reinforce that you remain on track to achieving the goals you initially identified, we will provide you with scheduled reviews of your ongoing financial position and new strategies that will inevitably evolve and become available in the future.

The process of review is essential as it allows us to ensure your financial success over the journey.

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