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What our Clients Say About Us

What our Clients Say About Us

Wealth Creation

Why work harder when you can make your money work smarter? If you want to build wealth, reduce debt, and retire early, Fortuna Financial can help you develop a wealth creation strategy to accommodate your short-term needs and long-term goals.

At Fortuna Financial, we understand that building a secure financial future requires careful planning. That’s why we tailor financial solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our Financial Advisors can develop strategies to help you make more money from your investments, pay less tax, protect your assets, reduce debt, and retire sooner.

We are able to draw on the thousands of financial products currently available on the market. And, because we are not governed by products that pay the highest commissions, we can negotiate the very best terms to help you get to where you want to be, faster.

We can advise on the best investment that suits your individual risk tolerance, with the best ownership structure for tax purposes.

Our Wealth Creation services include:

  • Portfolio Construction and Reviews
  • Tax Effective Investments
  • Structured Products
  • Investment options

Debt Management and Lending

Managing debt can be a complex task. Whether you have debt against your home or an investment, Fortuna Financial can help you take control of your debt.

When managed properly, debt can in fact help you reach your financial goals, faster.

Our Financial Advisers utilize a unique system and work with you to effectively eliminate bad debt or develop strategies to turn your bad debt into good tax-deductible debt.

The Strategy

This strategy involves the conversion of the non-deductible debt of a home loan into a tax deductible debt of a wealth building investment loan. The primary objective is to reduce the non-deductible debt faster than just making regular repayments, while accumulating wealth. Additional exposure is created through increasing tax efficient investment debt.

Broadly, debt recycling works as follows:

  • All surplus cash flow, after the interest is paid on the investment loan (line of credit), is used to reduce a non- deductible home loan, thereby more rapidly increasing equity in the home. Home loan repayments are ‘Principal and
    Interest’ while the investment loan payments are ‘Interest Only’.
  • All investment earnings, franking credits, tax refunds and other surplus cash flow, after paying the investment loan interest, should be used to further reduce the home loan and increase equity in the home.
  • Over time, amounts equivalent to the increase in equity should be drawn down and invested in growth investments.


The above process is repeated over future years in a disciplined manner to reduce the non-deductible home loan more rapidly, whilst increasing investments into growth and or high yielding assets.

Why recycle debt?

This strategy has a number of benefits, some of which are immediate and others realised over time. The key benefits are:

By directing investment and other available income into a home loan, there is the opportunity to reduce it faster and therefore save on interest.

The interest on the funds borrowed for investment purposes is tax deductible. This will reduce the cost of capital.

Borrowing to invest can provide tax effectiveness through the deductibility of interest

There will be a larger investment portfolio working for you.

Investing at regular intervals reduces the timing risk in volatile markets, ensuring a disciplined approach to investing.

also utilizing our expertise and investing in non correlated investments that provide high yields will help avoid volatility. reduce risk and provide income to service debt and any interest expenses

As well as providing flexibility, debt recycling provides for a diversified approach to creating wealth for your retirement. It can reduce the risk of adverse legislation changes regarding your retirement savings inside superannuation.

Investing immediately rather than waiting for the mortgage to be repaid allows the power of compounding to start working earlier.

Our Debt Management and Landing services include:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Recycling
  • Repayment Management

Aged Care

Moving into residential aged care can be a complicated and stressful process. There are a number of issues to consider depending on the level of care needed, the length of stay required and a person’s current level of assets and income.

We assist our clients in dealing with nursing home costs such as Refundable Accommodation Deposit or RAD (previously known as accommodation bond), Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), Means Tested Care Fee, and basic daily care fees.

These fees are often complex and difficult to understand, thus causing stress for many families. If either you or a loved one is facing the possibility of moving into aged care, the best place to start is by making sure you understand all of the options available to you. This is where good financial advice can help. With the right advice you can be sure you will achieve the best possible outcome in relation to fees paid and age pension entitlements received.

With our specialised team at Fortuna a well-thought and carefully structured aged care financial planning will be developed for your needs. It is crucial that you seek experts’ advice in this important family decision to avoid serious mistakes and to enjoy long-term benefits in return.

The sooner you start planning for the move into residential aged care the better. Thorough pre-planning allows better outcomes to be achieved by not only you, but your family too.

Family members, such as your spouse or children, are often directly or indirectly impacted by the decision to move into residential aged care. This is why it is often a good idea to include family members in the planning process. It allows everyone to prepare for the potential financial impacts ahead of time, which may reduce the burden placed on them in the future.

Every aged care case is different and we use a unique approach for every client. There is no single ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula. Our team will consider the different circumstances, resources, options and emotional factors to determine the most suitable solution required to help each client.

There are steps in the process that remain constant for each client. This is a collaborative, transparent process that we always follow in order to provide clear, concise financial advice that delivers results for our clients.

Our experienced team will assist you with:

  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) funding strategies
  • Personalised financial model for your aged care services and options
  • Maximising aged pension benefits
  • Minimising aged care fees and charges
  • Negotiating with your residential aged care
  • Aged care assistance and support


Our financial advisers help you get started and lead you to wise decisions when it comes to aged care. Some of the benefits our clients enjoy are:

  • A bright path ahead
  • Stress-free entry into aged care
  • Significant savings on nursing home costs
  • Better cash-flow
  • Avoidance of unnecessary mistakes
  • Ability to enjoy superior nursing home care and upscale services

Business and Advisory Services

We want to see our clients grow, develop and strengthen their businesses. Small, medium or large businesses all benefit from receiving tailored advice in areas such as strategy development, management accounting, cost analysis and budgeting. Such help is very important to attaining their short- and long-term objectives.

Our aim is to enable you and your business to maximise potential and profitability. We will take the guess work out establishing the correct structure for your needs. We do this by providing the highest level of technical and commercial solutions to resolve issues that might impair the attainment of these outcomes.

Our advice and time will help you attain your goals.

We offer the following:

  • Corporate Structures
  • Family trusts
  • Bare trusts
  • Strategy development and facilitation
  • Budget preparation and review
  • Updating your business plan
  • Business succession planning and implementation
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection structuring.