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“Without a healthy mind and body, you cannot truly create or enjoy your dreams and desires”

We know too well the pressures and busyness of everyday living, achieving our goals, working to put food on the table, focusing on our daily commitments, being with family and friends can become consuming and run of the mill, so much so that we often put our self and our needs LAST! We can get so caught up in the doing and providing for others that sometimes we do not even know what our personal needs and wants are on a deeper level.

Too often the saying “you don’t know what you have got until it is gone” comes knocking on the door! The most common area that this happens is with our health.

Think to a time you were sick. One day you are fine going about your daily life and then boom the next day you wake up and feel AWFUL. Or maybe a time when you got an injury that stopped you from being able to do everyday activities, let alone live the life you love.

We don’t know what we have got until its gone, we tend to take our body, mind and our health for granted until it is too late! For a while we may pay attention to the needs of our body and as soon as we are better, we let that care slip again! Your body will constantly remind you and give you messages (PAIN) to the needs that you are ignoring.

Without having a healthy body and mind you cannot create your dreams or you won’t be able to fully enjoy them.

What are your values around health?

Ask your self now how important is your health to you?

Do you value health?

If not, maybe its time to start to see and understand how having an optimally healthy body and mind positively impacts and allows you to live your dreams and desires into reality. When you can get REAL with that and SEE how looking after yourself is the ULTIMATE access to true wealth, abundance, and happiness. Only then is when you will start to make positive change in your life, you lift your energy, mindset, vibration and when that shifts to a higher set point so do the results in your life.

What areas are important to health:

  • Water quality and quantity
  • Good nutrition
  • Sleep quality and quantity
  • Sunshine
  • Play and fun
  • A positive self-talk and Self-Love
  • Clarity of your Dreams, goals, desires
  • Awareness, Meditation, and mindfulness
  • Exercise, movement, breathwork
  • Down time and introspection
  • A team of people that support you

I see it all too many times when people’s health goes, they wish they paid attention sooner because it is the only thing that really matters when you are not well.

I urge you to look at these areas and make a commitment to yourself, even to your family that that you will put your self and your health first!!

Kristy Obst – Holistic health and life coach

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